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Collingwood Properties On The Rise - Toronto Star

Clients of ours know we've been advocating investing in the Southern Georgian Bay area for over two years now.  The continued rise in interest, and a diverse offering of properties - at virtually any price point - has been an incredible draw.  The Toronto Star today posted an article correlating the activity we have been part of:  Young families are driving the market around The Blue Mountains, as it continues to become a more important hot-spot in Ontario.

We've been members of the Southern Georgian Bay Realtors Association since 2015, and continue to grow our business throughout the Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Thornbury areas.  Contact us If you want to learn more about the investment opportunities, or simply the general Real Estate market in the area.


RE/MAX Recreational Property Report - 2015

RE/MAX Recreational Property Report - 2015

According to the report, 68 per cent of Canadians would rather spend a long weekend at a cottage or cabin over a getaway in the city, and many would give up destination vacations and downsize their main residence in order to purchase a cottage, cabin, or ski chalet.