An NHL-ready multi-use arena in Downtown Markham?

Thinking back to when I first moved into Markham back in 1971, the small town had just under 40,000 residents, and was certainly considered a bedroom community.  It is amazing to see how evolved the Markham and surrounding area have become, and it is great to see the careful thought and planning that is going into the Downtown Markham 20-year plan.  With over 300,000 people now calling Markham home, and with continued growth to come, the increased availability of top-tier facilities is a welcome addition to our town.

The Toronto Star has a good article today on the impact this 20,000 seat arena may or may not have on the local economy (See: Markham's NHL bait

If Markham succeeds, it could be another Winnipeg, whose “intangible” benefits from getting the Jets back would probably rival the GDP of Canada. @Torontostar

Artist's rendering of Downtown Markham ArenaIt will be interesting to see how this proposal pans-out, but overall it is great to see these types of facilitys coming to our area.