Unionville Festival 2015 - June 5th - 7th 2015

Unionville Festival 2015 Logo.jpg

It's that time of the year again - as the longest day of the year approaches, we get to enjoy the annual Unionville Festival.   This year brings the 46th edition of the festival, with some changes from what you have seen in the past. 

Be sure to bring the kids out early on Saturday morning for the 10am start of the big parade.  Lots of space to watch, all the way up to Toogood Pond!

Krazy Kraft race at Toogood is always a thrill, and kicks off at 12:30pm Saturday.

Sunday highlights include the Funky 5K run at 8:30am, the 2k at 9:30am, and Family Fun in Crosby Park from 11am-3pm.

You will notice that this year there will be no Fireworks on Saturday night - due to lack of funding for this years event.  A bit of a disappointment, but let's hope we can get it back for next year.

Also missing is the infamous "beer garden" - while not specifically attributed to anything, it is safe to reason that the antics of some over-served, and under-aged patrons have likely led to the demise of this event.  Despite moving to various locations on the street over the years, it has continued to be hard to keep things in line for a friendly event.

You can see a full Event Schedule on the Unionville Festival website.

Hope to see you there!