Should Ontario follow the lead and mandate Home Inspector certification?

Currently anyone in Ontario can call themselves a home inspector. Many consumers depend on the opinions of their home inspector to make what is often the largest purchase decision of their lifetime.  In order to improve consumer protection in this important part of the home buying process, the Ministry of Consumer Services is consulting on a panel's findings and recommendations to introduce mandatory qualifications for home inspectors.
Following the lead of other provinces in Canada, where several have already mandated certification processes:
The ministry is seeking input on a proposal for legislation that would establish mandatory qualifications for home inspectors. 

We truly believe that this is a very positive, and badly needed step in our industry.  We far too often see where poorly-qualified Home Inspectors fall short, and can cause large transactions to fail due to lack of care and diligence, or completely miss obvious issues, and yet they remain unacountable.  The certification process should bring back credibility across the board, and help give consumers far more assurance.

Ministry Of Consumer Services: Home Inspectors

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