Upward Pricing Trends in Markham, Unionville and Stouffville

2013 Yearly Sales Summary - Average Sale Price

With the strong start to the year, it is good to look back at 2013 for an indication of the pricing trends we expect to continue through 2014.  The summary below shows the complete 'averaged' selling price for common dwelling styles (excluding condos), in the three major communities.

Dwelling Style Markham
Townhouse $451,579
Semi-Detached $471,328
Detached 1-2 Bedroom $575,625
Detached 3 Bedroom $591,238
Detached 4 Bedroom $682,784
Detached 5+ Bedroom $821,136

It is great to see a continued, solid growth year-over-year all around the York Region area.  We are averaging about 4.6% increase versus 2012 price averages in most areas, and over 6% in parts of Unionville, and expect this strong upward trend to continue.