A strong start to the new year!

We are excited to finally post our newest listing of 23 Cachet Parkway (check out its website here: 23CachetParkway.com), but even more thrilled that we managed to sell it in one day!  

A very strong showing at the first open house really reveals how robust the market is, even though all the snow and ice this winter.

January is shaping up to be an excellent month!  In years past, many Realtors never considered the December to February timeframe a busy season.  Even today, many of the 'old school' agents take time off and vacation through these winter months.  The reality though, is that in our changing marketplace, with the massive influx of foreign buyers, we've had our strongest December and January in a decade!  Our online marketing is drawing in a larger audience, and we are thrilled with the success.