Marketing Your Home

Local Newspaper and Media

Our strategy in marketing homes and properties has been consistency in our media publications.  We have long-term commitments with The Markham Economist & Sun for consistent advertising placement in the dedicated real estate section of the newspaper. 

Economist and Sun - Real Estate Section: Two-Part Full-Page Sample 1, Half-Page Sample 2


Feature Booklets

We create unique 'feature booklets' for all of our listings -- these booklets are distributed during Open Houses and during any showing of the property.  These booklets are a great way to allow prospective buyers to remember the highlights of your home long after the showing.  All of our booklets are created on high-quality paper in full-color.  

Feature Booklets:  Full-Size Booklet Sample  Modern-Style Feature Sheet Sample 



Image is everything, and fantastic photographic images can make the difference in conveying the beauty of your home.  We excel at professional home photography, enabling us to create content that looks amazing in both print and on the web.  We also leverage high-resolution Drone (UAV) photography and videography to help capture unique views that you simply can't get from the ground.


Check out this Aerial video sample for 570 Sandy Bay Road


Internet Marketing

The Internet is an extremely effective tool to advertise or research a property for sale.  To leverage the multimedia aspect of the internet, we create online 'Virtual Tours', and publish professional photographs of all of our listings.  These Virtual Tours and Photos are available from our website, and in most cases directly from  This helps dramatically increase the visibility of the property to a worldwide audience.  Our Virtual Tour service also allows us great insight into who is looking at your home, and which parts may be most popular.


Single-Home websites, mobile friendly

Taking the direct marketing approach, some properties have such an interesting story to tell, or are unique in nature that the normal methods of presenting a listing don’t meet the requirements to properly present the property.  We solve this issue with the creation of single-property custom websites – a unique URL just for your home.  We do not use they typical mass-market provided template tools, we build a custom site that reflects the requirements for your particular property, and present it with the flair that it deserves.

An advantage to this method is our ability to directly market the URL (e.g. via both print media, and physically on street signage.  This allows for the instant-gratification of mobile device users (88% of single-home site traffic is mobile based) with a very easy to consume, fast presentation of the property.  No searching or navigation required.   This can also be done with QR codes and Text-for-Info SMS shortcodes (we support both).

Our single-home sites are built on the modern, mobile-optimized platform, and are truly optimized for the mobile browsing experience.  Each image on the site (whether its part of the photo gallery, or just an inline image) are scaled to always allow for optimum presentation on virtually any screen size, covering most devices.


Twitter and Facebook

Social media is an important aspect of today's connected marketplace.  We leverage Twitter (Follow us and Facebook ( to help drive real-time traffic to our News and Listings pages.  Continual Twitter marketing helps drive positive search engine results, that turn into more traffic to view your home.






As media consumption styles change with younger generations, we ensure we can deliver targeted content via the methods that these consumers prefer.  We feature custom YouTube videos delivering 'virtual tour' content of our listings - easily viewable on any computer, smartphone, Apple TV or other streaming service. Follow us at!